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As a professional High Technologies consulting firm we know how important it is to take into account all aspects of new technologies introduction and bring all the puzzle pegs together to an overall look that is simple enough.

The core of the marketing “onion” is a good product; but the whole product may need many more layers involving adjacent technologies, billing and customer care, applications running on top of the core technologies, provisioning, operations and infrastructure planning, not to talk about Customer Care and Branding (see “Think Different” birth video below).  In other words, the end-to-end service and its user friendliness goes much further than the core technology.

Additionally, the different approaches seen in technologies in USA and Europe have created mutually distinct experiences, seldom used in a profitable cross-pollination.

This brings to a quadrivium (four-way street) like the one depicted on the left side.

Whether your needs are consulting or permanent placement, our many years of experience in the most varied environments allow a fresh perspective and an original viewpoint in all complex systems.  The increased competition can make it seem as though there is a shortage of highly qualified candidates.  We can assure you, that this is very often the case.  Pretending appropriate background is becoming more and more achievable, not necessarily attracting the perfect fit but the candidates who happen to be looking at that time.  Quad seeks out the best solution to solve the issue, without bias towards vendors or specific technology solutions currently “á la mode”.  This is our business, this is what we do, and in fact this is all we do.  Let us do it for you!


Technology without Frontiers


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